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We believe it is important to invest the time in understanding your needs to create the most appropriate and personalized mortgage products. Sourcing the best product at the best rate will save you money while giving the peace of mind you deserve on your mortgages, and through every subsequent renewal, as well as any other mortgage needs.

Before hunting for properties, it is paramount that you have a mortgage pre-approval in hand, which will certainly enhance your decision-making and purchasing power significantly.

Your application will go through a disciplined mortgage process where we will first get to know you and understand your goals and objectives. After a complete assessment, we will clearly outline your mortgage options so you can make an informed decision.

We have access to a wide range of lenders including prime, near prime, sub-prime, private and private individuals.

Let’s open a new chapter of your life by realizing your home buying or investment dreams.

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The entire mortgage process can be done virtually.  

Samiddha Aryasinghe, MBA

Mortgage Agent, FSRA# M20001666

Member, Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC)

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Buying a New Home (existing or new construction)

Homeownership is very exciting! Before you decide to buy a home, make sure you carefully consider the costs of buying, not just down payment and rates. Does your existing home or the new home you are planning to purchase need improvements? Ask for a "Purchase Plus" mortgage option.

Renewing Your Mortgage

Why remain with your current mortgage lender when you have access to better products?

You manage your own mortgage strategy, not the lender!

Refinancing Your Property

Whether you want to renovate your home, fund your child’s higher education, buy an investment property, pay off other high interest debts, or lower the interest rate on your existing mortgage, a strategically reviewed re-financing approach is required.

Call us today to review the best approach to maximize your equity.


Mortgage pre-approval should be the first step when you are actively and seriously looking for a home to buy. Having a “Pre-Approved mortgage” available to you, you can enhance your purchasing and negotiating power significantly.

When you have a live deal in hand, whether it is an existing property or a new construction, we are the experts of providing an appropriate mortgage approval to you in just a few days.

Your Application Will Process In No Time

  1. Your financial circumstance is in good standing and you want to get a better mortgage deal;
  2. You are a newcomer and looking for the best mortgage to buy a home in Canada;
  3. You are a new physician in Canada and want to take the advantage of Projected Income for Physicians Program;
  4. Your bank declined your mortgage application since your financial circumstance is not in line with the bank guidelines;
  5. You have adequate money for down payment, but with a low or bad credit score;
  6. You are looking for a pre-approved mortgage before selecting and finalizing a property;
  7. You are under pressure to close a deal quickly;
  8. You have other mortgage related circumstances not listed above.
Why Choose ME
  1. It’s simple. You are absolutely searching for the best available mortgage solution; therefore, you need to engage a professional mortgage agent;
  2. Who is very passionate about the real estate industry and most importantly helping people to realize their dreams of home ownership and financial freedom;
  3. Who is working tirelessly on your behalf to get you the best mortgage product at the most competitive rate and terms;
  4. Who has direct access to multiple lenders in Prime, Sub-Prime and Private lending market with most up-to-date information of mortgage products;
  5. Who is always responding to your inquiries within 24 hours.