Is The Interest Rate The Only Factor That Influences YOUR Mortgage Decisions?
Almost all of us tend to look for the lowest interest rate available when selecting a mortgage. However, it is utmost important to note that a low rate isn’t necessarily the only criteria that will determine which product is best suited to YOUR circumstances.
Every client is unique, and when YOU shop for a mortgage, YOU should seek a professional mortgage agent’s advice that considers YOUR individual situation maximizing YOUR financial potential. For example, incredibly low-interest rates almost always go hand in hand with very high penalties in the event of changes to the contract. If YOU have to move for work or experience a career change, YOU will be looking at a significant fee to pay.
While YOU might not anticipate any major life changes that could affect YOUR mortgage, the statistics in Canada say otherwise. More than 50% of five-year fixed mortgages are broken before the term is up. Young families, in particular, are especially at risk for this situation, due to their higher likelihood of income and career growth. At such an early stage in their careers, they often are required to be flexible to make use of the opportunities that come their way. Additionally, they might unexpectedly have children or have ageing parents and grandparents. These are some of the factors that can affect the possibility of their mortgages being broken or amended. With that being said, there are numerous details and technicalities that can influence which mortgage is suitable for a given person or family.
Purchasing a mortgage is a decision that will impact YOUR financial plans and quality of life over a prolonged period of time – to ensure that YOU’re choosing one that’s the right fit for YOU, speak to an expert.
I, as an experienced professional mortgage agent, deal with these technicalities and regulations day in and day out for YOU. I will be able to help guide YOU through analyzing which option is the best for YOU while highlighting factors beyond interest rates that may influence YOUR decision. In almost all cases, a professional mortgage broker agent can help improve YOUR outcome – whether it is about providing debt counselling, helping YOU improve your credit rating to increase YOUR chances of approval or guiding YOU through one of YOUR most important financial decisions yet.
Let me help YOU navigate YOUR mortgage decision-making process!
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